Valuation Matrix

The Valuation Matrix

The Envestry™ Scorecard and Flag System looks at a range of hygienic factors to assess the pre-money valuation of start-ups and early-stage businesses. Having invested over £100m into more than 200 early-stage companies, Envestors has developed the Envestry™ Scorecard and Flag System to give those new (and old) to investing some helpful benchmarks against which to measure. The Envestry™ Scorecard uses quantitative measures based upon numerical responses from historical data and binary inputs (yes/no). The Scorecard does not cover commercial due diligence in terms of reviewing customers and the competitive market.  Nor does it allow for future financial projections (mainly because these have not proved to be a fair reflection of actual performance!). As such, it should be used as a rough guide only. Access the Valuation Matrix.