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As the UK’s leading private investor network for sophisticated investors, Envestors brings you closer to the most promising high growth companies using the latest technology to manage your equity investment portfolio from investment through to exit.

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Once registered, you will be able to view, track, monitor and engage with the latest companies through the online investor platform where you can take control of your investments. Learn more about the platform’s extensive capability and see what new developments are underway.

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You will be presented with the most promising investment opportunities from a wide range of sectors. Opportunities are hand selected by Envestors following extensive screening and assessment of hundreds of business plans and presentations from company management teams.

Companies undergo rigorous preparation with Envestors’ regulated corporate finance advisors prior to presenting to investors.

Latest deals and company information can be viewed through the online investor platform. You can also meet management teams and investors at regular member events

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Established in 2004, Envestors has an enviable track record, supported by an exceptional team of advisors, investors and companies. Learn more about Envestors and the Team or read the latest news.