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Alvant specialises in the design, development, testing and manufacture of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite materials and components.



Alvant is a British advanced materials technology group specialising in the design, development and production of high-quality, aluminum-based metal matrix composite components for demanding engineering applications across a wide range of industry sectors. During the 2017/18 Financial Year Alvant Plc turnover £616,944.   

This is a “Material Evolution”.   Alvant have invested £10 million developing, prototyping & testing AMC materials, with a significant number of projects secured with high profile clients, including Ford & Safran. 

The company is now well positioned to accelerate and expand the distribution and application of its materials. Investment is needed to support accelerated commercialisation and enable growth at the rate their customers are now demanding. 

Lighter, stronger, more sustainable, with increased performance. Alvant create advanced aluminium metal matrix composite materials that deliver lasting advantage for their clients and for the world.                                                                                 -‘Strength of Steel, Weight of Aluminium’

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Nick Taylor

The Directors are pleased to announce that they have appointed Simon Halliday as Non-Executive Chairman of Alvant with effect from 1st December 2019.  Simon's background in strategy and finance will assist the board in refining its competitive strategy and priorities, in planning and execution , and in management of financial and business risk. 
The board still intends to recruit an additional NED in line with plans outlined at the company's AGM.  
James Larcher joined the Technical team as Engineering Manager at the beginning of November.  This is a new role for the business, which is focused on the delivery of an ever-increasing number of commercial and internal projects.  
Alvant has seen recent advances in new customer projects and applications. Space - Design for Demise(D4D), Tesla, Bauer Hockey are names that can be mentioned. 
The current funding round is progressing well with over £2.3m banked to date including the proceeds from the recent sale and leaseback. 
To accelerate development and exploit the growing interest in Alvant's technology, the company estimates closing this round at £3m, which would represent an over-raise of £500k. To enable the executive management team to focus on the growth of the business, Alvant is aiming to close the round in Feburary 2020 and would very much welcome further financial support to help it to achieve this important milestone.

For more detailed information on Alvant's investment offer, please contact Nick Taylor, deal manager nick.taylor@envestors.co.uk


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