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Adande Aircell Limited

Aircell® is an airflow management system designed for the retail food-to-go sector. The system fits in to cabinets to prevent cold air wastage.


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Adande Aircell®Limited (AAL) was founded in February 2019, however the team have been developing the patented technology for nearly 10 years.
Aircell® is an airflow management system that fits into current cabinet designs to reduce energy usage, stop cold air falling out and improve temperature stability across the shelves leading to food staying fresher for longer.
Market Need
Traditionally, supermarkets, food retailers and “food to go” operators use open fronted cabinets that have a curtain of cold air dropping down the front from the top to the bottom of the unit. The column has to be supported by more cold air blown through slots in the back panel and the overall result is that cold air literally falls out, reducing energy efficiency and effectiveness. This spillage of air also causes “cold aisle syndrome” which reduces shoppers dwell time and results in reduced consumer expenditure. 
In addition, the wide temperature variation on the shelves, a feature of open front cabinets, results in a deterioration in food quality, reduced aesthetic appeal and significant wastage. The majority of retailers continue to use Open shelves as, until recently, there were no other alternatives, despite high running costs and an unpleasant shopping environment. 
The Solution: Aircell®
The Aircell® patented technology divides the merchandising area into separate cells between shelves. The cold air is channelled through the shelves, which contain guide vanes, before dropping a short distance from the underside of the front edge of the shelf to be collected by the Aircell® shelf below. These short air curtains are robust, are not distorted by changes in ambient air temperature or air turbulence in front of the unit and therefore do not require any flow from the back panel. The result is that less cold air falls out of the cabinet, energy costs are at least 30% lower and there is a significant improvement in temperature variation. These effects have been comprehensively validated in-house and independently by ECH Engineering. 
Aircell® is incorporated into open refrigerated display cabinets and significantly improves the performance and efficiency of the refrigerator that it has been inserted into. Aircell® saves energy and reduces food wastage whilst maintaining product freshness, appeal and quality. 
Revenue Streams 
1.      Revenues will be generated from established cabinet makers. In this model, AAL supplies Aircell® Technology along with the shelf kits to the cabinet make. The cabinet maker would then attach this to their own cabinet. 
2.      AAL will manufacture (or have made under contract) and sell the whole unit (Cabinet with Aircell® Technology). This is a secondary stream and will ensure that the company can demonstrate the technology through trade shows and in store demonstrations. 
Intellectual Property 
The Aircell® technology is protected by a series of patents, filed in the UK and internationally. The first patent has been granted in several territories including the USA.
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Deal Manager
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  • Sector: Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Region: UK: London
  • Stage: Early stage - early revenues, pre-profit
  • Eligible Tax: Not Applicable
  • Board Requirement: Seeking NED with relevant experience
  • Pre Money Valuation: £5,000,000
  • Share Price: £65.23
  • Originator: Envestors
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