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Building a chain of affordable private schools in the Northen Indian States of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Investment closes only once the total pledged amount passes the minimum of £300,000

Total Pledged: £250,000



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Levana Education Limited is focused on developing and managing high quality, affordable private education campuses for boys and girls in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in Northern India. Levana provides a full educational experience with English language immersion that includes many cultural and sporting activities. This approach contrasts with the majority of Indian schools, which focus solely on the academic curriculum.

Levana’s initial school in Chakia opened in 2013 and has grown to just under 1,200 students including almost 100 borders. The school has risen to become one of the top performers in the whole of Bihar, a state with a population larger than Germany. Despite being academically non-selective, Levana has managed to ensure that 100% of all students passed their class ten state exams (GCSEs) over the last three academic years. 

In addition to its educational achievements the school has been cash-flow positive since inception and is now setting out to expand the existing campus and then follow on by replicating the success of its initial school in a chain of such schools across Bihar and the neighbouring state of Uttar Pradesh. Levana has entered a market where there are limited quality competition and an almost unlimited potential to expand for several decades to come. Levana captures the true essence of an Impact Investment in being a rare opportunity to make an attractive profit and cause a large social impact in parallel. 

One of Levana’s core principles is to develop and run schools that are inexpensive to attend, enabling families with modest incomes to enrol their children. At present Levana charges an average fee of £25-32 per month for day students (including transport) and £100-120 per month for boarders. Importantly, Levana conducts all operations and teaching in English as opposed to nearly all local schools (both state and privately owned), which only teach in the local language. This total immersion in the English language is a key ingredient of the Levana educational offering as fluency in the English language is highly valued by universities and employers in India. 

Levana aims to develop at least ten campuses across the Northern Indian states in the medium term, each designed to educate several thousand students and includes teaching, engineering and medical vocational colleges.

To fund the next stage of expansion, Levana is seeking to raise £700,000 through a private placement of Ordinary Shares.
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Deal Manager
William Ralston-Saul

  • Sector: Education
  • Region: UK: London
  • Stage: Profitable
  • Eligible Tax: EIS
  • Board Requirement: Will consider further board appointments
  • Pre Money Valuation: £2,550,000
  • Share Price: £1.40
  • Originator: Envestors
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