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UK's largest cryptocurrency mine company

UK's largest cryptocurrency mine company travels to China seeking further investment

The first investable British cryptocurrency mine is travelling to China this week to raise awareness of its offering and to meet potential Chinese investors. While the mine itself will be based in Britain it is open to all qualified investors through a limited company (The Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mine Ltd) which is governed and protected by UK law. Bladetec is traveling with Envestors and participating in the Envestors China Roadshow - which consists of numerous separate events that showcase British and international companies to Chinese investors. 
Bladetec will be attending investment events across three major Chinese cities. The founders will be presenting at the 16th Conference on International Exchange of Professionals, as well as the International Best Start-up Showcase in Shenzhen, before giving presentations and attending meetings in Shanghai. Bladetec will then move on to Beijing for further investment meetings. 
Commenting on the trip, John Kingdon, Managing Director of The Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mine Ltd and Bladetec founder, said:
“We’re excited to be taking the Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mine on the road and sharing our exciting plans with investors around China. We’ve been pleased with the reaction we’ve had from investors so far and the number of pledges we’ve received, and it’s great to open this opportunity to a new audience.”
Having just opened itself up to investment, The Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mine has already received its first pledges from investors. The company aims to raise up to £10 Million at £1 per share with a minimum investment of £5,000. Proceeds from the fundraising will be used to purchase the ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit)-based miners and equipment used to house and operate them. Investors will benefit from the volume of Bitcoins successfully mined, plus any appreciation in the value of Bitcoin during the period in which the mine will be operational (2-3 years). All bitcoins mined will be stored in offline wallets and safe-deposit boxes, providing investors with a level of security that can be difficult to find in the world of cryptocurrencies. All proceeds from the mine will be paid out in £Sterling. The mine itself will be housed entirely in the United Kingdom, in three locations, London, Surrey and Suffolk. 
John Kingdon manages The Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mine Ltd alongside Declan Kennedy, founder of the Irish Forestry Funds and former Irish Entrepreneur of the Year. Bladetec has significant experience in providing disruptive technology solutions to large multi-national organisations in both public and private sectors, previous notable clients include NATO, the UK Ministry of Defence, the United Nations, BAE Systems and the National Grid.

This post was created on April 26 2018 by Juliet Brine