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‘Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people with nothing to say,’ Andy Stanley.

Modern CEOs recognize that an effective dialogue between employees and management is an absolute imperative in ensuring a company’s lasting success. But what if said company is so vast, their output so diverse and their sheer number of staff so huge, that ‘listening’ is not just impractical, but impossible? SIMPLY GET RESULTS hears all those silent voices, analyses all that inaudible but vital advice and converts it into invaluable, actionable management data. 

In layman’s terms, SIMPLY GET RESULTS is analytic software that interprets a company’s own internal human data in order to improve financial performance. Founder and CEO, Simon Haines, was central to establishing Deloitte’s People and Workforce Analytics team and spent twenty years implementing large-scale corporate change programmes, driving performance improvement and delivering ‘intelligent’ cost- reduction. His client list now reads like a Who’s Who of the FTSE/ Fortune 100: HSBC, GSK, Vodafone, Virgin Media and McDonald’s to name but a few. Simon recognized that software can mine data to find patterns and trends that, when interpreted correctly, would have a dramatic effect on performance and productivity. He and his team implement their proprietary algorithmic solution that consistently delivers millions of pounds in savings to major corporations by enabling them to better understand what they do and, more importantly, how they do it. 

‘We are essentially a team of scientists’, explains Simon. ‘We have spent years observing, learning and harnessing data that when correctly implemented, will explicitly deliver huge financial returns for our clients. It is crucial to emphasize just how fundamental our work is... the fact that we show for the first time how people drive business performance in huge, complex organisations. Whether you are the NHS treating patients or a bank making loans, our mission is ultimately to see better decisions made which result in significantly augmented revenues’. 

SIMPLY GET RESULTS' management team has an extraordinary track record of success in this market and since the company launched in 2014, they are already highly profitable with over £400,000 in revenues and have attracted an exceptional advisory board to help drive exponential growth. ‘Observing these companies and solving their problems is really a very exciting way to make a living. By recognizing something as seemingly obvious as an employee underperforming through stress or even just too much overtime, we can make a real difference to productivity, which at scale has a profound effect on a company’s bottom-line.’ 

With years of research and development, SIMPLY GET RESULTS have created a system that unleashes artificial intelligence to help companies crack the fundamental challenges that affect them all. ‘Really, we just 
join the dots, and in doing so drive profit,’ he continues, ’which is not just better for a business, but better for its people.’ Their algorithms recognize where adjustments need to be made to reduce negative incidences, which in turn raises morale and performance, increasing efficiency and therefore profitability. ‘It really is very simple’, (it isn’t, which is why SIMPLY GET RESULTS is proving so effective). These so-called dots are metaphorically joined by their state-of-the-art, enterprise cloud-hosted SaaS platform that sits alongside their clients’ HR and Finance enterprise systems. 

“Really, we just join the dots, and in doing so drive profit”

SIMPLY GET RESULTS transforms a huge volume of seemingly meaningless, uninterpretable data into punchy, actionable business thought. ‘We become part of our client’s team for the long-term, providing the expertise and insight that they so desperately need. With our software clients have clarity as to how their people drive their business performance and control to achieve valuable financial improvements, quarter by quarter, year after year. This data is the insight they need to achieve continuous improvement with ongoing, long-term gains’. 

One of the experiences that prompted the creation of SIMPLY GET RESULTS was the catastrophic disaster that hit Staffordshire Hospital between 2005 and 2009. Patients were left in filthy corridors, accidents went unreported and it is estimated that as a result of a number systemic failures, there were over a thousand potentially avoidable deaths. ‘This very real human cost ultimately came down to a lack of sharing of data between management and staff – the post-hoc analysis showed a failure to combine budgets, staff rotas and clinical schedules. It is situations like these that prompted the creation of our software’. 

SIMPLY GET RESULTS’s system is constantly evolving, as more data is added the software gets more intelligent. ‘Our next step is to seriously upscale the business’ explains Simon. ‘We are focusing on building partnerships with more big names. We have solved their largest problems and are now seeking funds to accelerate the next phase of product development, so that we can in turn aggressively scale. We want to make the purchase and implementation of our unique software as convenient and simple as installing an app. This not only means that our product will be put on the market worldwide but it will also be architected to support scale growth across hundreds – and potentially – thousands of clients.’ 

SIMPLY GET RESULTS, epitomises the concept that technology is evolving in ever more human terms, and prove that an algorithm has the ability change how an employee actually ‘feels’. Happy employees make happy customers and happy customers make happy shareholders; SIMPLY GET RESULTS, is without question the genius means to get there. 

This post was created on December 7 2017 by Victoria Maby