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ENVESTORS are conducting a pioneering Investment & Strategic Market Development Roadshow in China this week and we will be providing regular updates on our blog.

Scott Haughton, COO and Tong Meng, Investment Analyst-China are accompanied by portfolio companies SOLARIS PHOTONICS, ANCON TECHNOLOGIES and ZAP&GO, visiting a host of corporate venture firms, venture funds, private investors, high-tech science & tech zones and strategic development partners located in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Shanghai. 

This roadshow is the culmination of several market exploration visits by the ENVESTORS team to China this year and paves the way for high-growth UK technology companies to access the China market through securing strategic investment and market development partners.

We will be live blogging their adventures in the Orient: if you would like to follow them, please log into

Day 1: Shenzhen

Wow, welcome to China!
20 years ago Shenzhen was just a fishing village…  Now it’s a Tier 1 City with over 18 million residents, snapping at the heels of nearby Hong Kong for strategic trade importance.  Home to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and one of the biggest container ports in the world, the scale, speed of development and infrastructure has amazed the ENVESTORS Roadshow participants and has been the perfect introduction to the scale of opportunity that is China.

The Roadshow kicked off in style today, with an investment presentation event hosted by Cocoon Networks at Galaxy World, a science and innovation high-tech real estate facility. The ENVESTORS companies – SOLARIS, ANCON, ZAP&GO, ALPHACO and GOINSTORE -  were extremely well received by the audience of 30 VC funds and investors, with very strong registered investment intent secured for ANCON and ALPHACO. 

Day 2: Shenzhen

ENVESTORS were invited to showcase our compelling technology investment opportunities.  We were formally presented to an audience of 400 VCs, family offices, corporate ventures and private investors.   Company propositions were marketed, keynote speeches attended and there was much discussion about Chinese investment into Britain.  A fascinating day to study the key trends and opportunities that are available to us in this dynamic market.

Day 4:  The One Belt One Roadshow rolled into Shanghai very late last night...

After the high humidity and 24c heat of Shenzhen, we were welcomed by the somewhat different but more Decemberly feel of 6c in the Paris of the Orient.  After a short and much needed night’s sleep and with our jet lag finally fading, the Roadshow has continued this morning with all companies making formal investment presentations to senior management of GOLDENSUM, a Chinese Private Equity firm with £10bn assets under management, from 300 listed Chinese companies. Considerable strategic interest has been achieved and solid foundations built for the companies formally presenting.

Day 5: Goodbye Shanghai

Yesterday morning the One Belt, One Roadshow event met with the Tus Stars team in Shanghai. Tus Stars are a subsidiary of TusHoldings, a company owned by Tingshua university, the most prestigious university in China and an organisation that has spun out 500 listed Chinese companies. TusHoldings operate TusPark science and innovation centres across China, seeking to incubate and develop cutting edge technology. Tus Stars is the investment arm of the group and the ENVESTORS companies had the opportunity to visit the innovation centre in Shanghai, in addition to presenting their own opportunities to the Tus Stars team. A strong connection was forged for Solaris Photonics given that they are partly based in Cambridge where Tus Holdings are in the process of setting up a dedicated science & innovation centre in collaboration with Cambridge University.~
Day 6:  Hangzhou

The ENVESTORS One Belt One Roadshow caught the impressive CRH high-speed bullet train from Shanghai to Hangzhou yesterday afternoon for one final event. Attending the Cocoon Networks investment event, hosted by G5 Capital, a major Chinese real estate developer and incubator, attendees had a final chance to present to an audience of VCs, corporate ventures and private investors in the heart of Hangzhou, a rapidly developing Tier 2 city with a population exceeding 12 million, home of Alibaba and commonly referred as the Silicon Valley of China. ~~

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